Going to a Secular College vs. a Christian College

I was discussing with a friend the other day about the importance and significance of, as Christians, going to a secular college, before going to a Christian one. If all we did was go to a Christian school or were homeschooled and then continued in our education by going to a Christian college, then we would be so sheltered, that by the time we got to the real world, we would still be immature and unready.

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I glanced down at my shoes, while shifting from foot to foot. Why had I said that. I could have kept my mouth closed and no one would have known. Why does God call us to be vocal and obvious about our beliefs? I know that sometimes it gives me joy, but other times I just feel humiliated, like I do today. I know I’m not wrong, but professors tend to use circular reasoning to go around in loops and tie your argument into a knot. A simple statement of clarification turns into a bout of beliefs.

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God is BIGGER Than Your Petty Prayers (A Series on Prayer)

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I sat in my youth group, and my friend started to pray.

However, I was still thinking about what the prayer requests were.

We were praying over someone’s stubbed toe and a dead bird somebody else found in their yard. Now this question was echoing in my mind: Why were we praying over such petty things?

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