My Life Is Not My Own



I love the sounds of my country America. Yet I will soon be leaving.

I love big trucks, mud, and corn fields. I love riding horses to the extreme. I love wind blowing through my hair on a country road. I love turning my music up really loud. I love being with my family. I love having friends nearby. I love the smell of the County Fair.
But do you Know what I love more than all of those things? God.

When I turned my life over to Him, I gave Him the keys. He is driving my car down the highway of life and I do what He wants me to do.

My life is no longer my own. Living a wonderful life here in the states sounds so amazing, but I know that God is calling me to something else. I love america, but how can I just sit here while people in other countries do not know the truth? I can’t and I won’t.

Someday, unless God turns me a different way, I will leave the land I love and travel far away. I will be a stranger. I will be on my own, apart from family and friends, in a distant land.

It is a lot for me to think about at 17 years old, but I am content trusting in the Lord. I love this land, But God can definitely put the love of another land in my heart.

I have a peace in my heart because I know that God is leading me.

He has big plans for every one of His children. He wants you to live uncomfortably for him, not just doing whatever comes easily, but also taking up some challenges. He loves you and wants the best for you. If you are earnestly seeking God and asking Him what He wants from you in the next chapter of your life, do not give up. I want to encourage you, God will answer. Stay in the Bible, reading it daily.

Or, are you still holding on to your life, reluctant to let God take over?

I love the sounds of my country America. Yet I will soon be leaving.


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