A Challenge



Last year in my Youth Group I had the awesome opportunity of leading the praise team and  encouraging my Group. I challenged them throughout the year to make their relationship with God personal, deep, and rooted.

One challenge I gave them, I would like to extend to you.

3o days of praise. Thirty days of seeing how blessed you are. Thirty days of seeing how magnificent God Is!

God is so worthy to be praised! As you look for one more way to praise/thank him each morning, remember that he gave you life and loves you so much. This act will bring glory to him, and trust me, it will bring you a humble spirit before and awesome God

My drama instructor gave our class this challenge, then I gave it to my youth group and now I’m giving it to you. Find a friend to join you and keep you accountable, give the challenge out to others! Its free!

In the comments bellow, add something that you are thankful/ praising God for!


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