Searching without Finding


My feet plodded on the ground making the dust rise from the dirt. I knew I was running away. I know I’m hard headed, and it is going to take a lot more than that to convince me that God created the world. There is simply no evidence. Science confirms that none of this is true. I wish it could be true, but I just don’t see any evidence!

The journey this young woman is on, is not unlike many people. People who yearn for truth, yet have no one really giving it to them. They are forced to believe in “Science”, and go to hell because Christians can’t get out of their comfort zone to tell them.

I, for one, want to educate people about the danger of apathy and complacency in the church, and in our own lives. Living without sharing Jesus, is a useless life. Nothing in this world can satisfy. We keep rushing along with society, hoping that our country will change but not doing anything about it.

You cannot expect a Godless people to make a God honoring nation.




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