Those moments when you feel completely useless. I was not in a very pleasant mood, I had

a larger than life headache, and I was exhausted from a long week. I went to go see a drama

production with my mom and sisters. As I sat in my seat, a sister on each side, both

squirming and sitting on their knees and bouncing, i felt my mood darkening. I was so

exhausted, why did I say yes to go to this? I sat there, just wanting to be alone. I sat staring

straight ahead. But that is when I realized that my sister on my one side was witnessing to

the older woman next to her! I was baffled. Here I was doing the opposite of what I write

about. Giving away opportunities to witness. I was very humbled in that moment and

reminded that God will work through anyone. Little girls or grumpy girls alike.


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