Radical or . . .



Many people in our current culture, world-wide, like to break “Christianity” into two

sections. Radical Christians and real christians. “Radical” Christians are the ones who goand share the gospel, go to church almost every week, are very involved, and are very fired

up for Christ. “Normal” Christians are the ones who wear a cross around their necks,

admit that there is a higher power, and go to church on special occasions. I am not

condoning the people who are “radical” but only share their beliefs with hate, criticism,

and do not let the opposite party speak. That is definitely not right.

I would love to be known as the “radical” Christian, who speaks to people without

abandon. Who loves people and respects their privacy, without compromising the gospel.

It is pretty simple. Do not hate on other peoples beliefs, but do not condone them either.

You can simply ask someone if they mind you speaking with them. If they say no, move on

and if they say you can then there is your open window to share the gospel.

Have a beautiful day and live for Jesus 🙂


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