Feeling like a Failure



I felt my breathing become weak. I sucked in what I could. Would I pass out? My face felt wet

and I could taste the salt of my tears. I began shaking. I had to stop. Just stop. Just quit. I’ve

tried so many times. Ive FAILED so many times. How can I possibly do something right for

once. Someone had once told me that Jesus loved me. I want to believe it, but how could I? My

life proves he doesn’t. I threw up again today. My eating disorder is full blown. My depression

is worse than ever. I feel helpless, friendless, and unloved. 

One year later. . .

Dear Lord, You have changed my life. I have become a new creature. Lord you have renewed

me. Changed me from the inside out. I made it through recovery and am being changed daily

to walk with my God and king. I love you Lord and I am now living to proclaim your name.

Thank you for being so merciful to a wretch like me. I love you, amen.

People go through this everyday. People who are STUCK. Completely stuck and feel

helpless. You may be that person. I want to give you hope. God can change anyone!

You are loved by the creator of the universe.

Contact me if you have questions! Love, Emma


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