Missionary Dating


Missionary dating. This is something that has been circulating in our culture today. But, the real question is: is it right? No, it is not. It has been proven that missionary dating does not work. People very rarely actually come to Christ because their Girlfriend/Boyfriend is a Christian. My dad is a product of missionary dating gone right. So it can happen. . . but what if it doesn’t? Stay on a friendship basis until the person is a Christian. If you choose to missionary date, you will be setting yourself up for heart-break.

There is a woman that I know who got married, then became a believer. She witnessed to her wonderful husband, but he wanted nothing to do with Christianity. She was so disappointed, because Jesus was the most important thing in her life now, and it was something that he did not care about. She was already married, so she was not about to leave the relationship. Her husband had a heart attack last year and died.

In this case, this was not her fault. She did the right thing. But, you could change. It ultimately comes back to you and your relationship with God. Who is more important? God or the significant other? I recently have struggled with this a little bit. I began to like a guy who was not saved. It was hard, but I cut it off. We never got further that friends, and it was best that way. He was a great guy, but without Christ what is the point? The light cannot mix with the darkness. Yeah this hurts, but it is so worth it. Have an amazing day!

Emma Grace ❤


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