Single. (pt.1)

Edited (96)

Ah, so lets start off with a confession. I often get very discouraged by my singleness. Which is completely ridiculous at my age. God has been teaching me a lot about this lately. People are constantly saying that you have to be content with your singleness, then never give another thought about it. People, as far as I have seen, do not talk about it very often. There are two things that I have realized that I need to remember:

  1. God has a plan. Okay, this can easily be taken as a fluffy statement that carries no weight. Don’t pass over it though. God truly knows your future and he has a plan for it. He loves you so much and your singleness is not a curse, but a blessing. It is a time to work on our own character and serve God. Cultivate a heart of service.
  2. With or without. I have freshly realized that if God does grant my desire for a husband than that is because we can do more together for Christ than we can separately. And the same goes for when we are single.

Remember Gods beautiful promises to you and how much he adores you. Remember to work on your character and your life. Prepare for your future whether marriage is or is not in the future. Rejoice in the unknown. Enjoy it and let it push you to trust God on a whole new level.

James 4:8, “Come near to God, and He will come near to you!”

Love you all! Emma Grace ❤



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