Single Pt 2


It can be so hard. One comment that I hear so often from other people, even other Christians, is that my standards are too high. That I’m holding out for someone who doesn’t exist and that I should simply settle and call it quits. I don’t have many people actually telling me to stick to my standards and wait for a man who is godly and ready to lead me. Maybe you are in the same boat, so here is my letter to you: You are precious, beautiful and loved by God. You were created by the amazing creator who designed you for a purpose and will fulfill that purpose for you. Don’t give up on your morals, and standards. Stick to God and his ways. Choose to trust and give you heart to him. He will keep it safe. Unlike guys, He will never hurt you, use you, or disappoint you. Stay focused on your purpose here on earth: to love, commune, and serve our God. Serve Christ and wait for a guy to come along who is chasing Christ just as hard as you are. Do not give up, settle, and let satan win the battle. God is bigger and better. Wait on the Lord. Be set apart and Holy. God has a plan. You are not silly for saying no to so many guys. The right one will come along, and if not, if God would have you stay single, then it is because you can do more for God single, than you can married. DON’T GIVE UP.


3 thoughts on “Single Pt 2

  1. sgwilloughby

    Thank you for this post. It reminds me of a song by Moriah Peters (Haven’t Even Kissed). One line goes, ‘Before we met the world said I was dreaming’. It can be so discouraging, but when the discouragements like that some, God shows me yet another couple who did it God’s way, and who had high standards no one thought were possible… only to find that they were, and that God’s person for them went even beyond those standards.


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