Letting God Take Over Your Relationships…



I may just love this guy. He is my best friend. I feel like I could tell him anything. We are so close. I pray he asks my dad do begin dating/courting soon! We are always on the same page spiritually. Ive never had a friend who encourages  me so much in the Lord. Our txts pretty much consist of Spurgeon quotes, Bible verses, and encouraging, deep comments. Or we help each other through showing each other in a loving way what we need to be working on, such as character flaws.

This is a true story. He was MY best friend. But I had another friend come to me and say, Emma, you are letting him take your heart too soon. Your own spiritual life is being stripped away because you are relying on him for your “daily dose of God”. You rarely do your own devotions any more! Thats not right. Especially since you want to go into ministry.

Well, once she had me thoroughly convinced of that, she went on to tell me that I should tell him I need to refocus on God and that I should tell him we are not going to talk for one month. She proposed that I take one month off from talking with him to refocus my life on the Lord. It took me a few days. Ive lost many friendships over the years and my heart is scarred from them.The thought of giving up my best friend felt like going through hell. Then I realized that Jesus took my hell and that this was the least I could do for HIM.

Let me tell you. That month was one of the hardest months of my lives. I was constantly drawn back to Gods loving arms and I cried out to him daily. It caused me to see how much I had been missing from not being in the word daily. I had been settling for second hand inspiration. God also showed me that there were many things wrong with our relationship.  Now two years later, we are not together, and he is not following the Lord or going to church. Im not saying it will be this way for everyone, but this is how God took my heart and took charge of my relationships.

It looks different for everyone, but I want to encourage you to seek God in all of your relationships and do not be scared to EXACTLY what he asks of you.

Have a lovely day! Emma ❤ ❤ ❤


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