True Woman 2016



Myself and seven thousand other woman from across America and Around the world came to pray and seek the Lord over the waywardness of our country. During this event many crazy things were happening:

  • I almost lost my job, for reasons beyond my control.
  • My grandma lost her wedding rings when pushed over by a lady at the conference
  • Our foster kids might go back to a home that we do not believe is a good choice and they went to visit them while we were gone at the conference
  • My grandma’s leg started swelling up (she just had knee surgery)
  • My very good friend left to join the Air Force, far away.
  • I was confused about future plans regarding next summer

To say the least it has been a stressful weekend. Yet, while in prayer, so many prayers were answered. Although I still have one major prayer request. My grandma is in the hospital right now, because they think she has blood clots in her leg.

  • But, I didn’t lost my job
  • Somebody turned in both of her rings
  • And my future plans for next summer have been set. God clearly answered that request.

These things seemed like the end of the world when we were praying for them, but just like everything else, we quickly realized that everything is under Gods control.We so easily get bent out of shape over things, when we should be handing them over to God. I am the chief of sinners when it comes to that.

What I learned while I was at True woman was to be specific with my prayers. To cry out to our Amazing God like I should. I cry out to you, to not be comfortable. But in my own prayer life, I am often MUCH too comfortable. I am sorry for my hypocrisy in this area. And now, I cry out to you, children of GOD, to cry out to your God!!!

Much Love,

Emma Grace xoxo ❤


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