True Worship



As I was sitting in church, after being at true woman, I marveled at how bland our worship was. As I looked around the sanctuary, people sat numbly singing hymns. Hymns that had soul rocking lyrics. No emotion, no feelings, nothing. But beyond that, no worship. I don’t think most of their words were passing the ceiling.

I must take a second here and clarify. I do not know what each of these people are thinking. I also cannot be the judge of weather or not they were actually worshipping. But by the look of things, you would not guess that these people were worshiping an amazing, almighty GOD!

This concerned me quite a bit. The lyrics of the songs went along the lines of, “God you are amazing and wonderful. How glorious are your perfect ways!” They sang these in a monotonous way. Those people did not realize what they were saying, or to whom they were singing!!! This is YAHWEH!

Now here is where I have two choices. I can either judge them, and be self righteous, or I can be the change I want to see. I have seen so many of my friends begin to think the church is so desperately corrupt, and then leave the church completely. This is just simply not true. People are people. They are corrupt, dirty, rotten sinners. Only God can do a work in their lives. SO instead of “playing God”, we should follow him with all of our hearts and pray for people.

So, as in every situation (especially in the church), remember to be the change you want to see. What is the problem you see? What will you do? How will you be the change?




2 thoughts on “True Worship

  1. thewaitingroomyears

    Emma, I can so relate! I just had similar thoughts recently myself. The church world today is so self-sufficient and self-absorbed, and that is just not of God. My Uncle has said we are not just to “putter around Jerusalem.” God has saved us and called us to GO and reach the world for Christ, not live a defeated life.
    I want to personally start letting God have more of me. When I totally yield myself to God, He will become evident in my life, worship, countenance, etc. l don’t know what it will take to wake up the carnally-minded Christians who surround us, but I personally can choose to be different from that. Wonderful post Emma!

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