A Moment.

I sit here at my college, in the courtyard, soaking in the view. It is a beautiful Autumn day. I have my boots and long cardigan on. Coffee in hand. A gentle breeze is floating across the

yard, drawing leaves from their resting place along the path. After a long day of classes my brain was wiped clean. It was now time to come before my God boldly. To soak in his words, take them as truth, and then cry out to my God. My heart is full. I sit here praising God for the trees and the chipmunk that just ran by. Life is great.

As I begin to pray, many struggles come to mind. I have a lot going on in my life right now. Some things rather serious. But, then some thoughts and verses came to mind.

If we have faith the size a mustard seed, we can move mountains. Yet, we are so pathetic in our faith and our prayers. It is time for me (us) to stop rendering God useless in our minds. We need to start having radical faith. And, we need to see that our “mountains” (struggles, sins, addictions, etc.) are nothing compared to our God. Instead of talking about our mountains, we need to begin talking to them. Declare them to be smaller than your God, and then turn away. They are not worth your time. Your God is bigger and better. We can so easily become distressed and worried. As children of God, we need to pray about this and ask God to make us unshakeable.

This earth will someday fade away. img_1603Emma Grace xoxo


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