Speak Up


My face turned red as I countered what my Sociology Professor said. “Testing out people and living with them before you get married does not help your marriage last longer, in fact it often breaks it off. People often do this so that they can get all of the benefits of marriage, without the commitment” I stated, forcing my voice to remain unshakeable.

Later, as we laughed at something, my professor laughed high pitched and stared straight at me. “Are you mocking me?” I questioned while still laughing. My professor then mimicked me with a high pitched version of “Are you mocking me?”.

I have a love/hate relationship with this specific professor. We agree on some things, and disagree on others, yet we are still friends. This is an article to you college students out there.


Okay, now this statement can go many places. No, I am not saying that you should argue with you professor or raise fights. I’m not saying that you should be an obnoxious student. I am saying that you should not be afraid to speak your opinion (or rather, the Bible’s opinion). You cannot let fear of not fitting in, keep you from speaking. I am a very outspoken person.

Last week when we were in this class, we discussed spanking. He asked us who believed that that was a good thing. Of course I raised my hand. Then he continued to talk about how that was in the Bible, and then he asked me if that was why I believed it was right. And I said yes.

But it is more than that. We have foster kids whom we are not aloud to spank. The difference between my siblings attitudes and my foster siblings attitudes is amazing. I have seen first hand that spanking works!

Okay, here are some reasons you should speak up in class:

  • You are getting God’s ideas out.
  • You are being labelled as a Christian (this is good, but don’t be an obnoxious one 😉
  • You are gaining experience witnessing.
  • You are witnessing!
  • You are causing people to think a little deeper about issues.

This is just a basic list. Please know that your voice matters. Be outspoken, uncomfortable Christians for the sake of Christ and the gospel. You can do it! I would love to hear your stories and maybe some other reasons you have for speaking up in class, or even in general.

Have a beautiful day, Emma Grace ❤


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