Entangled Emotions


I am defined by my emotions. My emotions entangle me within a web from which, on my own, I cannot escape. I struggle, and try to hand it all to God over and over. But the gut wrenching feelings, the restlessness, and constant stomach ache come without an invitation. Somehow, I am stuck.

I, Emma Grace, become too attached to people. I am very loyal. When a friendship ends, I go through physical pain. When I was at Camp Patmos a few weeks ago, in one of the team building exercises, we had to go around the circle and talk about the person on our left. We had to tell them one thing that was their strength and one thing that was their weakness. It was not only a humbling experience, but also a way to let iron sharpen iron as the Bible talked about. Christians, brothers and sister in Christ, are supposed to be able to have this openness with each other, without having it strain relationships with your fellow believers. It is supposed to be a way of feedback, as well as constructive criticism.

Well, a good friend of mine was on my right. I was nervous as to what she would say, because I knew that she was very insightful and she knows me well. When it got to her turn she told me that my greatest strength is also my greatest weakness. I am loyal, I pray for people, and I love people. But on the flip side of that, people sort of become my God. I get so emotionally sucked into every friendship. As much is that is a good thing, people do move on. Lives change. Things happen. Unfortunately for me, that is a very hard thing to deal with.

But, I think something can be learned from this. Not only for me, but for you as well. What is your strength, and what is your weakness. I would encourage you to go to a friend and ask. Take their criticism graciously and learn from it. Take what you can away from that conversation and then work on implementing it to your life. You would be amazed at how many times my brain has thought of something this past month, but then I have had to stop and revaluate my heart and sometimes even my motives. It is important that we are doing everything we do to the honor and glory of God.

God has a plan for my life. I believe that my love for people is defiantly a part of that plan. But, between my own sinful nature, and satan wanting to destroy my usefulness, my gift is being turned into a sin. By loving people too much, I break one of the ten commandments because I am making an idol out of them. Definitely not a good idea.

I will be praying for you all. Have a beautiful day! Emma Grace ❤


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