Ways to Stay Focused on God Amidst a Busy Time


  1. Choose to listen to Christian music throughout the day. It keeps you focused on the most important part of your life. Or listen to classical because then you can get your school/ work done faster and you will have more time to actually spend time sitting before the Lord.
  2. Put up some Bible verses at work or while studying and read them everyone in awhile. This will keep your mind focused on the right things.
  3. Wake up and have your quiet time before you do anything else. This can be hard when you have to be at work or school so early, but it will start your day right and put your focus immediately where it should be. This can be very hard for me personally, but I have found that when I do it, I not only learn a lot, but I am also a better witness for Christ throughout the day.
  4. Make a to-do list! This has been a lifesaver for me. Without it I would literally be lost. Remember to not waste time on things that don’t matter. Get done the essentials, then move on to the hobbies or whatever you had planned.

I know these are just some simple thoughts. But I hope this maybe gave you a new idea.

Have a great day! Emma Grace ❤


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