Letters to My Future Spouse


I have heard from many people, that they write letters to their future husband. You probably have too. But what I found, was that when I sat down with my pen and paper, I had no idea what to say! What do you say to someone that you may or may not have met?

One thing that I had considered for years, was writing letters to my future husband. I officially started to write these letters on my sixteenth birthday. I have a cute little box that I keep these letters in. For me, this is not something that I do very often. I write them on special occasions, or when I really want to pray for him.

So here are some tips and just what I do πŸ™‚

  • Not only letters to him, but prayers for him. When he opens these letters on your wedding night, it will bless him to see that you have been praying for him.
  • Write what you are currently going through, be open with him. He is your HUSBAND.
  • Write at special times (when God is teaching you something specific, you are moving, you are going to college, starting a new season in your life, etc)
  • Do not become obsessed! Use your singleness to grow, not obsess over someone else.

Just remember that this is something special between you, your someday spouse and God. Enjoy the journey and the time you have single, yet be vigilant in your prayer for your husband as well as just prayer in general.

Now is the time to work on your character and improve upon yourself. You do not instantly become perfect once you get married. You carry all of your flaws right along with you! Do not waste the time you have right now. Do not wish and wish, wasting all of your God given time, wishing on the spouse God has waiting for you once you begin doing what he asked of you. Some people do not know if they will wake up tomorrow. YOU do not know if you will wake up tomorrow. Seize the day!

There is no tomorrow. Because tomorrow it will be today. Do not choose to start living in the here and now tomorrow, because you will simply continue to put it off. Choose to seize the day and live it to the fullest NOW!

Have a beautiful day, Emma Grace ❀


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