A LIFESTYLE OF GOALS: especially friendships.

Goals are so important. They are something that we should constantly be working on. When we become people who are never learning, growing, and working on our character, we become stagnant people who will not end up doing many things for God. The truth is that if we are not working on ourselves and on working on our relationship with God and being tuned into him, we will never do something truly impactful for the kingdom of God. So, for me, I have seen this in my own life. I want to be working on myself, and learning to be the best me that I can be 🙂 With this in mind, I created a list of goals for the month of December!

Maybe you have trouble staying on track, or you are simply not motivated. Friendships are always something to focus on. Growing your friendships and making those people feel special and loved ❤ I would like to encourage you to make yourself goals and then work towards them! Here are my goals for this month:

  1. Grow closer to God and make my time with him even more of a priority.
  2. Make my Prayer life deeper.
  3. Memorize my lines for drama.
  4. Grow closer and encourage my friends!
  5. Learn to cook!
  6. Workout, eat healthy, and drink more water!
  7. Become a person who is more joyful and finding joy in the small things.

What are your goals going to be?

Remember that when you do not quite make these goals a reality to not beat yourself up about it. Simply add it to the next months list and pray about it. You will never be perfect! Rejoice that you don’t have to be! And choose to work on the things you  can 🙂

Have a beautiful day ❤

Emma Grace


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