Salvation has Come. PT ONE


The call rings throughout my being. “Dear child, go where I send thee! How shall I send thee? I’m going to send thee out with joy.” At this moment in my life, I am pursuing God where I am, looking for opportunities to stretch myself, and looking for what God has in the future. Anticipation streams through me. I am excited for the future.

This Christmas, we all are excited, and anticipating Christmas. As Christians, we have a special reason to be so excited! Our Savior has come! As I wait to see where God will send me, I can study how God sent Jesus to earth and what Jesus did throughout his life. Entering into Christmas, we get the special joy of celebrating Jesus’ birth. Here are some thoughts on Christ’s coming and what our reactions should be!

First, there were three reactions to Christ’s coming:

  1. The Priests: They had no heart. They were all religion, with no relationship. They were the intellectuals of the day. They led the worship, feasts, and sacrifices.
  2. Wisemen: They understood. They saw what was truly happening. These men were the PHd’s of their day and were well know as being some of the wisest men on earth.
  3. Herod: Hostility. He was caught up in the world. He could only see the here and now.

These wise men had read the prophesies of old, they had seen what would happen. They knew these things from scriptures such as: Daniel 12:44, Daniel 7:13, Amos 5:21, and Micah 5:2. When Herod saw that these men, some of the wisest men on earth, believed in these outrageous things, he wanted to stop it all from ever happening. He wanted to kill the baby.

Now I’m going to back track to the Priests. They are the classic example of hypocrisy. They had religion but no relationship. There are a lot of people who claim to know him, but do not. And that is so sad. Let us never become that person. May we always make an effort to lead those people to God. When the shepherds and the wisemen got to Jesus, the FELL DOWN and worshiped him. Why do we not do this?

Question and thought for you? How can you create a heart more focused on worship? How can you work on creating a heart of humility? I would love to hear your answers in the comments below!

Have a Beautiful day! AND MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Emma Grace ❤



3 thoughts on “Salvation has Come. PT ONE

  1. alp15

    I think one of the most important things we can do to cultivate a heart of worship is gratitude. Being thankful really changes our perspective and it helps us be able to worship God. For humility, I think it’s key that we don’t think more of ourselves then we ought (Romans 12:3), or not to be wise in our own eyes (Prov. 3:7a). We need to remember that God rescued and redeemed us because He LOVED us, and wanted us to be reconciled to Him, not because we did anything to gain His favor or love.

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