A Story. . . or is it?


A Story. . . or is it

The country laid waste in a pile of mere ashes. Only a glimpse of what the country was, remained. The founding fathers were rolling over in their we KNOW that He is no longer there.God founded this country and He used it many ways. One way being that He allowed us to send missionaries all over the world. But now, God gave this country over to their sin. As a result, we chose horrible representatives and leaders. People slept with whomever they wanted so diseases rampaged through the country and the world. People fought for this privilege. The privilege to gain deathly diseases, and kill children. graves. I would say that Jesus is rolling over in his grave, but Ruin and destruction were all I knew. But, while we are all complaining about our leaders, we failed to comprehend all of the freedoms we still possessed. We sinned by continuing to complain about our circumstances. We continued to complain about the road we are heading down. During all of this complaining, we did not even see all that we still had. We compared ourselves to each other and forgot that we were seated with Christ. We forgot our identity in HIM! Sin had run rampant through our hearts, and now the consequences were being delivered. What now? So many consequences to our evil deeds. But the saddest part is this: we had the chance to tell people about God, but we did not. People who may have accepted the truth. Did we fail our king? Of course He is a forgiving God and loving and gracious. But how can I live knowing died only to have be hoard his gift for myself? How can I live knowing he died, just for me to ignore the ramifications of it. 


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