Motivation is a grumpy baby. Motivation is inspiring. Motivation is a fleeting ship. Motivation is treacherous. Motivation is enlivening. Motivation is unreliable. Motivation is an unsatisfying relationship to say the least. So, with the new year here, we all have aspirations for the year 2017. How do we keep motivation captive within our hearts?

You want to know the honest to goodness answer?

You can’t.

You can try your hardest, but in the end, we are flawed beings whom cannot possibly keep motivation around the clock. Whether that be fitness, your devotions, your grades, etc.

So, what is the point? God is. On our own, we can’t. But with God, all things are possible. He can help us overcome all fears, temptations, and struggles.

(Okay, seriously no motivation. This is my fifth day writing this! haha!)

Motivation is a tricky thing. Different things motivate different people. Here are my top ways to get motivated!

  1. Hearing people talk about it. Whether that be in a small group or a conference.
  2. Reading about it. Online articles, books, magazines, etc.
  3. And Youtube! Watching people talk about stuff gets me psyched up and ready to push through.

The cool thing is, once you have motivation, it is amazing. You feel like you can tackle anything. You feel refreshed.

So, I know this talk may have been useless haha, but I would love it if you guys would use the comment section to talk about what motivates you! And maybe some article ideas for me haha.

Love you all! Have a beautiful day,

Emma Grace



  1. alp15

    Like you, I get motivation from hearing people talk about it, reading about it, and watching it. 🙂 I also get some of my motivation from seeing other people doing it, and/or a prize at the end. lol

    Liked by 1 person

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