Too Comfortable. Again.

The soft couch and youtube videos.
The soda and burgers you ate last night while watching the game.
That clean water you drank this morning without giving it a second thought.

Where is your life going? What are you working towards?

Has life become comfortable or easy without you even noticing? You were doing hard things, doing things that made you uncomfortable, taking risks, and living to the fullest. But have you slipped into a slump of comfortableness without even realizing you have done so? Or have the hard things you have been doing become easy? Have you stopped pushing yourself to new levels?

I know I have.

When motivation is gone and you seemed to have stopped doing the hard things without even meaning to, what are you supposed to do?

Find your reason for doing what you do.

Why do you do you do what you do? Without a reason you might as well just stop now! You will have no motivation if you do not have a solid reason for doing what you want to do. When you have a why, you can then continue on to fueling it with motivation.

Your why differs from project to project but some that are universal can be things such as: I know this is something God wants me to do, this makes me feel fulfilled, this gives me joy, this is greatly helping this person, this is needed, and this will grow me as a person.

If you then have a solid reason, you then need to find your motivation.

For me I find motivation from three main sources:

1. Hearing people talk about it.
That can be in a small group setting, church, a talk with a friend, a random stranger, or a conference. Allow yourself to be motivated.

2. Reading about it.
That can be a book from your library, The Bible, online articles, blogs, magazines, etc.

3. Youtube!
Youtube is huge for me. Hearing people get psyched up about stuff, often catches me on fire too. It gets me pumped up and ready to keep working hard.

So, what is your motivation? What gets you excited about your project and ready to jump on it with inspired enthusiasm?

And from here, once you have your reason, and your motivation, it simply comes down to making it happen! Just do it! Plan out a time to do it, and then make it happen. Planning can often give you just the jump you need. Making daily “ To Do” lists can create accountability within your day.

In conclusion, this is a new year and a new season of your life. Make it count. Work hard and for God’s glory. I hope this has encouraged you today to keep working towards your goals and to keep God first in your life and within your goals. Here is one last thought:

C.T. Studd-

“Only one life, ’twill soon be past, Only what’s done for Christ will last. And when I am dying, how happy I’ll be, If the lamp of my life has been burned out for Thee.


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