Thanksgiving (A Series on Prayer)

Every gift is from God. 

James 1:17, “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows”. 

We are so intensely blessed. We must remember that being grateful is a relative term. By using the word relative, I mean that being grateful is different for every person depending on their circumstances.

When someone has their physical needs met, they are grateful for that. If people are more richly blessed, they are grateful for the other things we are given. In general, the more you have, the less you are grateful. As Christians, we must be careful of that.
Thank God for what He has done in your life and in the world. Thank Him for all of the blessings you have been given. This should be a daily part of your prayer life.

One way to initially make sure this is part of your daily mindset, is to write it down. Keep a notebook, or add it to your journal. Decide how many you are going to write down per day and then be consistent!

By simply doing this, you will be cultivating an attitude of gratitude. As well as growing as a person. You will find that you are much more happy and joyful, as well as concerned for the needs of others. You will begin to have a larger view of the world. You will be come less self-centered and more focused on making your world a better place.

I hope this was encouraging! Praise God if it was 😉

Have a beautiful day ❤



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