Confession (A Series on Prayer)

Not confessing your sin, is like not taking a shower. 

And guess what, dirty christians smell bad! Dirty Christians grieve and quench the Holy Spirit. Dirty Christians are the hypocrites that people see and think, “THAT is Christianity? No thanks”.

Our stickiness attracts more attention than our cleanliness. The only things the world picks up on and advertises is our sin and messes. Our stickiness distracts the world from our message. We are then disrupting our testimony.

Obviously we all get dirty, but it is when we choose to remain dirty that the damage continues to erode in our hearts, lives, and relationships. Are you a dirty Christian? Do you smell bad?

Confession and repentance are a vital part of a Christians life. 

When we continue to sin, we are making God so sad. It grieves him. Does your earthly father have a stink eye? You know, the one that when he looks at you, you IMMEDIATELY know to stop doing whatever you are doing? God not only has the eye (HAHA) but he actually wrote it all down for us so that we would not be so easily taken astray!

The good news is that God is standing by, waiting to forgive all of your sins. He IS faithful and just to forgive your sins. Cleanse yourself from ungodliness. You see, it is not all about confessing and repenting. It is about turning away from the sin and running the opposite direction!

Confession should be integrated into our prayer lives. We should be praying about not only the big things, but all of the little “insignificant” things as well.

A good song to listen to that correlates to this is:

How Can It Be by: Lauren Dangle- 

How Can it Be by: Me (haha)

Have a beautiful day! ❤ ❤ ❤


4 thoughts on “Confession (A Series on Prayer)

  1. Drew

    Well said! This is something not a lot of Christians are willing to discuss, because it’s uncomfortable (haha) but it’s important to remind nontheless. Also important about running the opposite direction from temptation. That’s half the battle. Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound? Certainly not! Good stuff!


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