I Want To Feel Normal.

As Christians, sometimes we just want to feel normal. We want to fit in with our society and to not feel like an outcast. We want to have a sense of belonging and enjoy life without worrying about not fitting in because of our beliefs.

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My Packing List! (NYC)

Most of you know that I plan on doing mission work overseas and with that comes. . . packing. The rest of my life will involve packing and moving, constantly. This past week, I went on my senior trip to NYC. It was amazing! Before I could leave and have an amazing trip, I had to take the time to pack make sure I had everything I needed. I am well on my way to becoming a good packer!

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Going to a Secular College vs. a Christian College

I was discussing with a friend the other day about the importance and significance of, as Christians, going to a secular college, before going to a Christian one. If all we did was go to a Christian school or were homeschooled and then continued in our education by going to a Christian college, then we would be so sheltered, that by the time we got to the real world, we would still be immature and unready.

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I glanced down at my shoes, while shifting from foot to foot. Why had I said that. I could have kept my mouth closed and no one would have known. Why does God call us to be vocal and obvious about our beliefs? I know that sometimes it gives me joy, but other times I just feel humiliated, like I do today. I know I’m not wrong, but professors tend to use circular reasoning to go around in loops and tie your argument into a knot. A simple statement of clarification turns into a bout of beliefs.

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