My Journey with Prayer (A Series on Prayer)

My Journey. . . with prayer.

To be perfectly frank, praying used to scare me. But why I am I speaking in the past tense, for sometimes it happens even now. When I realize to whom I am speaking, and how unworthy I am, I cannot seem to come before the Lord. I think if we really realized that we could to talk to GOD, we would be on our knees most of the time. Learning all of the things I have shared with you over this past month has helped equip me to come before the Lord, and instead of 15 minutes of “um”,  I can spend an hour with Him.

So, I honestly was not a very frequent pray-er until after a conference I went to this year. I had seasons of being someone who prayed often and powerfully and I had my seasons of “petty prayers”.  However, since going to the conference Cry Out, With Nancy Lee Demoss Wolgemuth I have grown in many ways.

This conference was the turning point that I had needed.I hope you have seen that through this recent series. Prayer is such a vital part of a Christians life. I have learned this over the past year in more than one ways. It has been a soul journey through mountains and valleys.

I had to learn to trust God , before I could really begin communicating with Him. Through my journey with most care, I have dealt with the trust issue over and over again.

So, this is merely my story. Hopefully this series has been helpful to your journey. Every soul has a journey. Use to comment section to share your journey and encourage others on their journey 🙂

Have a beautiful day!  ❤ ❤ ❤



8 thoughts on “My Journey with Prayer (A Series on Prayer)

  1. april9th1998

    My journey started when I was 8 years old. I didn’t understand what my pastor was talking about until I went to Seneca Lake children’s summer camp that year. I had some questions to ask. I asked my teacher how are we saved. She told me that we are saved because Jesus died on the cross for us. Then, I asked if I died, would I have saved somebody else’s life. She was so shocked that I asked that. I never got an answer. Now that question is still pondering in my brain.

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    • toocomfortableblog

      Well, I actually have an answer for you here! All people have sin. And sin is anything that we say, think, or do that does not please God. Sin separates us from God. Jesus was able to take away our sins because He was perfect. He was able to restore that broken relationship between God and man. The Bible says that without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sin. That is why there was animal sacrifices in old testament. Now, Jesus was the last sacrifice needed. If you believe in him, that he took away your sins on the cross, and then your faith will be evident by your works. You are sinful, so if you died, you would not be saving anyone else’s life. Hope this helps! Let me know if this raises any more questions 🙂 Love you and hope you are having a beautiful day!

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  2. april9th1998

    Emma, we aren’t perfect? Why can’t we be all alike? Is my journey a weird one? Why does Cat have more friends than me? Caleb, you, Savannah, Courtney, Mark, and Cat are my best friends. Can I tell you anything if I have a problem? I never tell anyone at Awana because I’m worried they will judge me.


    • toocomfortableblog

      No we are not! If we were, then what would be the point of the gospel or Jesus? There would be no need for God because we would be our own Gods! If we were all perfect, then we would never be angry, never proud, never use people, never lie and so many larger sins. No, we are all unique and for a reason. You only see a part of their lives. You have no idea how many friends they have. They probably all have lonely moments. I know I do. You can tell me, but not on my blog. Text it to me. No one wants to judge you. We all just want to help you grow closer to God.

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  3. april9th1998

    Emma, is it not Christian like to watch movies with swear words? I do that and I am willing to stop. My aunt wants to take me to go see pitch perfect 3 this year but I will tell her I can’t because it’s not what a good Christian does.


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