Friend of Sinners

Jesus was a friend of sinners.

Jesus was our ultimate example while He was here on earth. This is where the expression “What Would Jesus Do (WWJD)” came from. As cliche as it is, this statement rings with truth. Jesus loves people despite their addictions, sins, and pasts.

This brings many aspects of our everyday lives into focus. Focus within the Christians life is very important. Bringing everything into perspective can prepare you to truly live your life sold out to Christ.

As we strive to do what Jesus would do, we must realize that the greatest thing for us (besides creating us) was when he died for us on the cross in order to save us and to draw us to himself. In both of these events, He is loving people. In creating us, He is loving us by giving us free will in order to choose to love Him or leave Him. In dying on the cross He chose to love people before they ever considered Him. He has chosen to love you by dying for you, whether or not you choose to follow Him.

He yearns for every soul to come to Him.

As Christians who are striving to be like Christ, we must learn to love as he has.
This means: you love the stinky kid, you love the outcast, you love the woman who is pregnant out of wedlock, you love the prodigal, you love the girl who is cutting, you love the boy who is addicted to pornography, you love PEOPLE. Just as Jesus did.

This does not mean that you let the sin slide. These people are human beings, created and loved by our almighty God. They deserve our respect and love. Jesus loved everyone while he was here on earth. Did he always show it all sweetly? No. He sometimes showed love through rebuking people. He did this through calling on people to change their ways; however, He loved them regardless.

What can you be doing every single day to get outside of your comfort zone and love as Jesus did? Jesus is worth it people!

From my own personal experience, if you choose to love people as Jesus did. Two things could happen.

You will be extremely blessed. You will get chances to speak life into people. You could get the chance to disciple someone. To be completely honest, when I get the chance to love people, I am often on a spiritual high afterward. Loving people breeds true joy.
You will be cursed. I know these are the exact opposite, but they are true! You could be cursed by the world and become an outcast yourself. You are still blessed by God, however! In America, we do not get as many chances to suffer for the sake of Christ and to count it all joy. This is one area where you could get that chance!


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