The Power of Words (+A blog update)

Here is an update on my writing and some encouragement to those of you just starting out on the journey of writing.

I can assure you it is up and down. You take two steps forward and three steps back. However, this is such joy and fulfillment within it, that you cannot help but fall in love with the way you can form words.

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Confronting Evangelism

As seen on by Emma Roth (

My eyes wandered down the long hallway. Today was the first day of being in a new school and facing the challenge of a new beginning. My mind wandered through all of the possibilities. Would I be accepted? Would I have to stand up for my beliefs? Would I become an outcast for my beliefs? Would I have to sit by myself? These questions clouded my mind. I could hardly see through the fog.

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Don’t Forget to Keep Your Sacred (A Reblog)

Here is a beautiful article I found And I wanted all of you to see! Enjoy!

Seeing Everything Else

Don't Forget to Keep Your Sacred

I grasped something beautiful the other day. But I lost it.

It had been one of those maddeningly-long days, full of never-screaming-but-also-never-ceasing frustrations, where you clench your eyes and your sanity just to keep from losing it all. Tensed, tired, and dusty, my only thoughts were water for my throat and shower, but on the way there I picked up my tablet. As the water whooshed and steam filled the air, I absent-mindedly turned on my music, hoping perhaps the notes could wash away the heaviness soap and water couldn’t reach.

Fortunately, the living Water is very skilled at doing just that.

Standing there, alone, open, bare; I was overcome. I worshiped. I was renewed. I rejoiced in Him, in praising His name. I returned to my room cleansed in more ways than one; and sat down to continue working on a post started long before, worship music still playing…

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Thy Will Be Done (A Guest Post)

By: Chloe Bowling

Thy Will Be Done.

Four little words with such a powerful impact when spoken to God.
I didn’t know how powerful those four words were. I read them in the Lord’s prayer, heard them in a song, and occasionally played them myself. But with what empty meaning I prayed, “Thy will be done in my life, Lord.”
I said it…. but when it came time to live it I froze.

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