Thy Will Be Done (A Guest Post)

By: Chloe Bowling

Thy Will Be Done.

Four little words with such a powerful impact when spoken to God.
I didn’t know how powerful those four words were. I read them in the Lord’s prayer, heard them in a song, and occasionally played them myself. But with what empty meaning I prayed, “Thy will be done in my life, Lord.”
I said it…. but when it came time to live it I froze.

When I prayed for His will, what I had really thought in my heart was, “Lord, please approve of this plan I’ve made for myself. Thanks! Oh, P.S, I’d like to avoid all suffering and heartache too. That’s all! Thanks!”

But when I started to realize God’s plan wasn’t going to match up perfectly with my own, I resisted. I fought back. I wanted my life, exactly as I had imagined it. My dreams completely fulfilled. But when you pray, “Thy will be done,” you are giving up your plans for His.

It is in that moment when you confess, “Lord, your plans are higher than my own. You see the future, my future, and you know what is best for me.”

“Thy will be done” is a surrender.
It is a commitment
It is a sacrifice.

But step back for a moment and realize something; what are you really giving up? Plans from a finite mind for plans from the Creator of the Universe.

We need to realize that God’s plan is perfect. And if it doesn’t align with yours, that’s because He has a better one for you. God knows what is best for you.
Reflect on 4 words this week: 
Thy Will Be Done.

Evaluate their meaning, understand their power, and then . . . Pray them.


Chloe BoIMG_0789 copywling is a lovely young woman with big dreams and aspirations. She is hard-working and determined. She started going to college at a mere 14 years of age! She is one of the most beautiful souls I (Emma) have ever met. Her euphoria includes a spot of tea (loaded down with lots of sugar), some fuzzy socks, and a satisfying book.  She is constantly realizing where she is in her relationship with God, whether that be good or not so good, and working to grow closer to Him. I admire her in so many ways.



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