Does Your Religion Change You?

There seems to be a disconnect. 

A disconnect between our theology and how we live.

The Pharisees are known as the world’s biggest hypocrites. Yet, the knew their theology in an intense way. They knew the scriptures.

They knew the procedures and the traditions and carried them out. But their hearts were rotting within them. They became like white washed tombs.

Now, in present times, church people seem to be the well-known hypocrites. It is very unfortunate. People have had this disconnect and all Christians have been blamed for it.

The question now is, how can you grow closer to God and learn how to be someone who has a quiet soul and is moldable by the creator God who loves you.

The whole point of my blog and the too comfortable ministry is to talk about how we need to live out our theology. It is not about simply speaking what we believe in, it is living it.

To be uncomfortable is to deny your fleshly desires. It is to pick up your cross and follow God. It is to be in the world but not of it. It is to be an outsider and even an outcast. It is about walking in the light as He is in the light. It is to make the difficult decision.  It is choosing to be uncomfortable for the sake of the gospel.

What can you do right now to make the connection? To live your life sold out to Christ?



8 thoughts on “Does Your Religion Change You?

  1. graceabounds00

    Yes! I so agree with you and am trying to be true to what I believe each day. It’s completely impossible, unless we rely on Jesus’ strength. I am learning to ask Him for it wherever I go, and it’s truly amazing the assurance I feel when I do. Thank you so much for this much-needed message! I think I will repost, if that’s all right with you?

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  2. Allen R. Kive

    Hmmm… Good question. Reminds me of James 1:22-25. I think one important step is to read and study the Word and be transformed by it. Without a doubt, when I’m diligent and intentional about reading the Bible and spending time with the Lord, I notice a heightened desire to serve him. Without it, it is far to easy to be distracted by the “things of the world” and lose that focus. This can quickly result in living out hypocrisy, – saying God is my number one, but living in a way that would suggest differently.

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  3. Tom Caylor

    You hit the nail on the head with “grow closer to God and learn how to be someone who has a quiet soul and is moldable by the creator God who loves you”. That’s what gets me from theology to living. Theology is about “who is God”. Then I get to actually have a relationship with this God who loves me for who I am and talk to Him and hear what He says, both from the written Word and from the Living Word through the Holy Spirit indwelling in me. I like to call it “walking with God”, like Noah… Cool.

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    • toocomfortableblog

      Awh yesss! Exactly! That is what my entire blog is about. Becoming uncomfortable for the sake of the gospel. Because we cannot simply believe and not apply it to our lives! Love that “walking with God” awesome.


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