Handling Change (Encouragement for the Weary)

Everything in my life is currently changing. I graduate high school in a few days. Although it is a day I am and have been looking forward to for years, I am nervous beyond belief. Along with all the excitement comes deadlines and change.

I move to an island to work at a Christian camp 10 days after I graduate. I feel like I am leaving my entire world behind. When I get home, most of my friends are heading off to great Christian colleges while I stay for my fourth year at my community college.

Most of the changes are not bad, but in fact good! But, they are changing! I never thought that I would be one of those cliche people who had to work through change and even sulk through it. It is much scarier than I ever thought it would be. So much is happening in such a short amount of time. At this point in time, I am not really sure what to say. I don’t think that I have really handled the change very gracefully. I do have some encouragement, however. If the winds of change are currently engulfing you in a tornado, here is what I would say to you.

Darling, you will make it through this. This change may test you. This change may bend you. But this change will not break you. Allow God to be your strength and ever-present help in times of need. Stop pushing Him away. Allow Him to bestow His love and grace upon you and fill you with his joy and peace. You mean the world to Him and that’s all that really matters. HE will never leave you or desert you like many humans. His plan is flawless. Trust the process and don’t rush ahead of God. You are loved and treasured. You don’t have to lay up your treasures here on earth. This earth and everything in it is temporary. Your soul is not. Feed your soul during this time and rely on God for the rest. Have faith dear one.<3

You know, if someone would have told me this a few weeks ago, I could have saved a lot of heartbreak and tears. Our God is an amazing God!

Have a beautiful day! xoxo ❤ ❤ ❤


13 thoughts on “Handling Change (Encouragement for the Weary)

  1. Roman #109

    Ok, I really liked this! This is honestly something I can totally relate to this! Joy and peace. That is something I need to continually focus on too. They are intertwined so well too. Rejoice always, pray with thankfullness. (Phil 4) I need to remind myself everyday that anxiety is an issue of control that is natural but reminding myself that I have no true control is a conscious decision. I totally get where you’re coming from. Regardless, there’s a crap ton of stuff going on for you and it makes sense to be overwhelmed. I’m just glad you don’t play it off like you are completely calm. You are honest about your struggle and I feel that’s more encouraging than a person saying that they have it all under control and I need to get my crap together and be like that. TL;dr Thanks for your honesty and encouragement that is relateable and sharpening.

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  2. Allen R. Kive

    This is a timely post for me. School just ended (for the summer) and I just got a new job working as an intern in the field I’m going to school for. If I perform well, I’ll be offered a permanent position upon graduating. I’m so thankful to God for providing me with such a promising opportunity but it’s definitely a little scary (well actually more like a lot scary 😄).

    I’ll be working full-time all summer, taking a 3-hour night class twice a week, and studying to try to test out of a course I’m scheduled to take in the fall. It’s all a bit overwhelming, especially with pressure to perform well in all three things. It’s definitely a lot of change for the summer. This helped me relax, and trust that the Lord will help me through the process. Thanks for posting it!

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  3. Katherine

    Congratulations on graduating!!! I graduate in a few days as well; this year has had (and is going to have, I think!) a lot of changes for me. Some are huge, some are tiny, but I’m learning to rest in a God who never changes and who is the giver of all the good things I’m both losing and gaining. Thank you for the encouragement; keep pressing on to know Him!

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