3 Things I Learned from Graduating High School (Entering a New Season of Life)

Well, number one, I want to encourage all of you and tell you what I have learned. But secondly, I want to be able to look back on this post and see all that God was currently teaching me. Because it is a lot. And it is not comfortable.

  1. Move on with grace. I am learning that change can be good even when it’s hard. I am only leaving for the summer but I am deeply struggling with leaving my family, friends, and life as I know it. My life is about to radically change in eight days. It will be uncomfortable in so many ways. But I am finally seeing a mere glimpse of what it would be like to leave everything I know, as I plan to do and leave the states and my home. I have to create my own home where I am going, just as I will have to do when I leave to be a full-time missionary. It is insanely frightening but it is where God has lead me to be and I need to learn to have rest and peace in this situation.
  2. Anxiety will come. It is what you choose to do with it. The Bible tells us to be anxious for nothing but in everything by prayer and petition let your requests be made known to God. Anxiety is one of those sins that I struggle with on almost a daily basis. This did not use to be the case. This past year has been a constant struggle against my flesh and demons. As I said, it will happen, but what matters is how you choose to deal with it. Biblically, that is by prayer. Talking to your All Mighty God has to become an imminent part of your life before you can conquer and overcome this sin. I have been told that on the outside I seem to be the most confident person. I am able to take opportunities, talk with authority, and manage many things at once. What they don’t know is that often on the inside I am crumbling and only God can help me.
  3. There is a lion. There is a lion seeking whom he may devour and that lion is Satan. As I step into a new season of life I am realizing how Satan truly works. He tries so hard through manipulating ourselves and others to discourage us and keep us from truly running the race that God has called us to run! We are called to run the race in order to win and to obtain the prize.

All too often, we forget this. We are running along and we realize how sweaty we are, or how our legs are cramping, or how thirsty we are and we slow down or give up altogether. 

God, I pray that we would be bold. That as Christians, we would share our faith and be bold with the gospel. Help us to be intentional about living out our faith in all areas of our lives. You have called us to an abundant, beautiful life. I pray that we would cling to your promises. As I and many other people graduate high school or college or are entering into a new season of life I pray that we would cling to you as our source of truth, joy, and peace. You are our fortress. Thank you for being an amazing God who can see past our mistakes. Who calls us to repentance and to a changed life. Thank you for saving me. Help us to love you with all of our heart, mind, and soul. Amen.





8 thoughts on “3 Things I Learned from Graduating High School (Entering a New Season of Life)

  1. Phil412!

    All really solid points. This post was encouraging! You’re right. Anxiety will come, and it is important as to how to deal with it. If anxiety was a pointless struggle with no hope of resistance then I suppose Christ wouldn’t make it a point to command us not to be anxious in Matthew 6.
    Relying on Christ is key, and giving it all to Him in prayer (not holding onto it like a weighed down backpack) It’s that slow process of growth and trust in Him that allows us to have confidence. Not in ourselves, but in Christ; Who He is and Who He says we are.
    I think it’s a common saying that home is where the heart is (idk I could be wrong) , but I think it’s only true for us if God is settled in there already. It’s kinda cool how that can be anywhere even far away like you said. Congrats on graduating. Continue running, and I’m encouraged to do the same. See you at the finish line!

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