God Used Suffering for Good (camp devotions #2)

I went to bed the other night and was listening to an Adventures In Odyssey (I know, I know, way for me to adult). The episode was about Ruth. In the middle of it, this thought came to me. I shot off of the couch I was sleeping on and grabbed my pen and notebook laying on the coffee table next to me. I started scribbling as fast as I could. I could not see what I was writing, but the thoughts were so solid in my mind! God truly laid this message on my heart.

And here lies the message. The strong message that God sent at an ungoldy hour. These thoughts may be a bit scattered, but I hope you catch my drift.

You see, so many awful things had to happen to Ruth in order for her to be where she was supposed to be. There was a famine throughout the land, which caused Naomi’s family to move. She married her sons to women who did not believe what she believed, they were pagans. Naomi’s husband and sons had to be so sick that they died. This caused Naomi to move back home and Ruth came with her. And this is where her beautiful story in the Bible comes in. Her love story represents the gospel so magnificently when her kinsman redeemer comes to redeem her. Then she became a part of Jesus’ genealogy and a book of the Bible.

The lesson I am taking away from all of this is that God has a different story for every person. It’s like a tapestry. On the front where God is, it looks beautiful and majestic. On the back side where we are, it can look messy and torn. God truly uses our suffering and the horror of sin to bring about His purpose for the world. What an amazing God. God used horrible things, like death and starvation, to bring a beautiful plan to fruition!

Just like God had a perfect, soveriegn plan for Ruth, he has one for you as well. Your life, is the front side of that tapestry. Beautifully planned out and divine. You may be seeing the back side right now. The ugly strings and the holes, but God is still in control and his plan is amazing. God has a plan for your life. He loves you so much more than you could ever imagine. We deserve absolutely nothing, but he gives us all. He is truly a kind and merciful God.

Have a beautiful day! xoxo ❤


11 thoughts on “God Used Suffering for Good (camp devotions #2)

  1. Phil412!

    Very true and well said! It is often asked why God allows bad things to happen. Ignoring the origin of sin, it often seems that God allows beauty to show from an ugly past in time. It’s often those stretching times of great discomfort that allow us to grow the most. Thanks for the reminder! Glad camp seems to be going well so far

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