5 Ways to Encourage (Camp Devotions #3)

Living in a Christian community like a camp can be difficult. With Jesus as our savior, it really shouldn’t be. However, sin all too often gets in the way. I have been blessed with an amazing group of believers. Here are some ways to make sure we are working together and not hindering each other while serving the Lord together. This list is almost more for me than for you, but I thought I would share!

  1. Pray. Pray for the people in leadership roles, unity, encouragement, and spiritual growth. Prayer is one of Gods favorite weapons and one that we often miss!
  2. Stop gossip. Number one, do not gossip. Just choose to not talk and to be someone who is trustworthy. This one is hard for me, but it is something that must be done! If you need to tell someone, go to a quiet place and talk to the Lord about it. Not only should we refuse to gossip, but we should also stop gossip when we hear it.
  3. Encourage. We should be encouraging the people around us. When we see them growing, and doing something good, tell them! Be someone who sheds a little joy in everyone’s life, every day 🙂
  4. Be flexible. As someone who loves a plan, this is a little hard for me. When you are with a bunch of Christians and when you are following a crazy awesome God, be ready for ANYTHING! Plans change, and that’s okay.
  5. Read your Bible. In order to serve, die to yourself, and pour into others, we need to be filled by the holy spirit and encouraged by God’s word!

I hope you liked this short list! God calls us to love those around us. We will never truly be able to do this until we are loving God first and foremost!

“Love God, Love Others” – 2017 Camp Motto

Have a beautiful day! xoxo ❤


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