He Calls

He calls out to me. What he says is disturbing. My lips quiver and my clammy hands grip together. The wieght that seems to be at my chest and the sobs that echo in my lungs are a small depiction of the sadness and fear within my heart.

My answer surprises me as my lips utter, “no”. The wieght of my sin is abominable to him I am sure. He wraps me in his arms. How can He possibly still love me and care about me? He had asked me if he was enough. I said no. He replied to me, “I know. I’ve known. You give so much power and emphasis on people. This love is from me, but darling, I am first. You are my bride. Stay faithful to me. Please return to me, your first love. Your one and only.”

I woke up with a start. Jesus forgive me for cheating on you. People, sports, material, they are not you. It will all fade away, but you will remain. I have chosen this world over you. Awake love in me.

Song: Wake Up- NF

Here are some thoughts that have been on my heart and I thought I would share.

Have a beautiful day!


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