we want real.

A life lived sold out, is one truly lived. A new generation is rising up. One that does not want to settle for mediocre Christianity anymore. One that earnestly wants to know God for who He truly is, His real character.

We are no longer happy with weak worship and wimpy theology. We want to know God, worship Him, and share Him with the world.

We want real people. Genuine people, who seek to please and know an unfathomable God.

This new generation is rising up, and we are part of it!

We can so easily get side tracked by the hypocrisy that we see. Then we can choose to drop off from the church because we see the hypocrisy, yet while we are doing so we are becoming hypocrites ourselves.

Being a hypocrite, someone who claims the name of Jesus, yet does not live their lives for Him is a scary place to be. A place where the life and death issue of the gospel becomes a flippant issue of morality.

People head to hell while we are okay bickering about tatoos.

So, choose to be real.

Choose to be the change that you want to see.

Let us, through the holy spirit, be sold out Christians.

Have a beautiful day! xoxo ❤


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