When Reality Meets the Dream

This is where reality meets my message.

This is where I learn to truly be uncomfortable for the sake of the gospel. This is where I experience the reality of what the gospel calls me to do. And this is camp.

I was extremely uncomfortable there.

I have not only been pushed out of my own comfort zone, but I have also had my comfort zone expanded in so many ways.

I lived and served at a Christian camp from May 29th to August 13th this entire summer. I got to clean tons of toilets, wash lots of dishes, serves many meals, spend hours upon hours running a store, sit/guard at the top of the slide at the pool, carry 15 gallons of water from the dining hall to the store each morning, and clean EVERYTHING.

What I have learned this summer is that when the hard work, the grind, and even the boring parts of living out your dream (mine being a missionary) you learn to either hate or love your dream. To be honest I have had mixed emotions. At moments I just wanted to escape and swim to Canada haha. Yet other times I loved the menial tasks and the joy that came with working for the Lord. It is normal yet fleshly to have the moments of wanting to escape.

When you look at other people who are “living the dream” don’t forget the sweat, blood, and tears that they have gone through to get there. They worked so hard to end up where they are now.

We all have dreams, desires, and wishes. Do not forget that it takes more than the thought to get you to the end goal. And honestly, alot of times God has a different idea. Nothing is wasted. Every expereince He uses to grow you as a person and draw you to Himself. Never forget that. God has a beautifl and wonderful plan for your life!

Have a beautiful day! ❤ ❤ ❤

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