5 ways to Pray for your Future Spouse

Praying about big decisions is always a good choice. It has been said that the choice to get married, and to whom you are getting married, is the most weighty decision you will ever make. Instead of worrying and focusing on what we can do to find that perfect person, we should be finding peace in God and trusting in Him to bring the right person to us.

We can do that by becoming the person that we want to find. Working on the attributes and growing closer to the Lord. And we can also be praying over that person, though we may not even know them yet!

Here are ways to pray for your future spouse:

  1. Pray for patience. In 1 Corinthians 13, the love chapter, the first characteristic of love is patience. Pray that both of you would be patient and that you would not compromise your heart or body before God brings you into each other’s lives. (Psalm 130:5)
  2. Pray for salvation and growth. Spiritual maturity in this person will make a huge difference when you are actively pursuing a relationship with them. Pray that this person will come to salvation and then continue to grow closer to the Lord and seek the Lord in what they are supposed to be doing.
  3. Pray for them to stay pure: spiritually, physically, and mentally. Pray that God would give them the strength to hold out for you, the one that God has made for them. Pray that if they have already become unpure, that they would be pursuing purity.
  4. Pray for them endure. To not only love and serve God, but to be faithful even unto persecution. Even when friends, mentors, etc leave the faith or walk a path of sin, help them to stay committed and serving.
  5. Pray for them to be a hard worker. To love the life that God has blessed them with and to be the change that they want to see in the world. Give them a vision and a purpose.

We all need to be praying these things for ourselves as well. We need to learn how to be the kind of person that we are looking for.

Have a beautiful day! ❤


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