Loving Jesus Looks Like Something

An amazing post by an amazing person. What does loving and living for Jesus really look like?

searching for the something

I might as well come right out and say it: I love Jesus. I really do. And my Facebook profile used to prove it.

When Facebook first became available to the general public, I was in high school and eagerly embraced the opportunity to jump on the relatively new social media bandwagon. I was also eager to use this particular platform, which allows users to designate their “religious views” on their profile pages, to let my friends know how serious I was about my faith. Although my understanding of what constitutes effective evangelism may have been a bit lacking at the time, I was nothing short of genuine in my desire to clearly (and, perhaps more importantly, coolly) express my Christian discipleship.

I couldn’t just write “Christian” in that little blank field; that seemed far too generic, and I knew lots of people consider themselves Christians but don’t have a real relationship with…

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