Fitness is a Lifestyle, Not a Diet

Fitness is a lifestyle, not a diet. 

This is a sentence thrown around in the fitness industry quite often now. In case you didn’t know, right next to Jesus and Christianity, fitness is my passion. I love weightlifting and bodybuilding along with crossfit style training.

The fad that usually follows people around is the “6 weeks to a slimmer you” or “7 weeks to visible abs”. People go on diets all the time but they rarely make it a life committment. I am here to say that those things may be a good boost into the lifestyle or help but jump in it for the long run because those short term goals will just lead to short term happiness.

And honestly happiness isnt the right word because our happiness should not be a result of how we look. We are beautiful because we are made in Gods image. However, we should also be the best version of ourselves for ourselves and for the king we serve.

This year my school needed one more girl to join the cross country team in order to qualify for races as a team. So I joined and I took on the challenge to run 5 and 6k’s even though I have seriously never run in my entire life.

A lifestyle. Not a diet. The point of that sentence is to evolve. We should not do a six-week diet that is not sustainable. All of that weight will come right back. Fitness should be a lifestyle.

Something that changes and molds to your current season of life. Training that you love. Find your passion and follow it! Find something sustainable and yet healthy.

The way that I like to look at fitness is to make goals. Although, I do not correlate them with weight. I weigh myself about once a month if that.  I correlate them with muscle gain and fat loss. I look at myself and can gauge where I have come. Progress photos can be a great way to track your progress. So can counting your macros or flexible dieting.

Fitness is a way to look at life, a way to live life, and a way to love life.

I have over the past two years come to love working out and pushing myself in that way.

It takes strength. It takes committment. It takes mental power.

It is a challenge. And one that I happily accept.

Training pushes me to the edge of myself.

And it is the best feeling in the world.

Go out there and jump in. Use youtube, blogs, gymn’s, etc to teach yourself and educate yourself. Good luck to you!

Have a beautiful day! xoxo ❤



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