why are we settling for less

Why do we want to settle for so much more than God has for us? 

Why do we just want to settle on our standards when it comes to picking our spouse?

Why do we jump the gun and skip to the next season in life without enjoying what God has currently blessed us with?

God has so much more for us than this. He has a plan for us but we do not trust it. The all knowing, merciful and loving God who created you with a plan and a purpose apparently doesn’t know whats up.

It is incedibly foolish of us to be so consumed in our selves and our thoughts that we think we know what is best.

Why do we do this?

It is very simple. We do not know God, really know Him, well enough to trust Him. If we knew God and His true nature and personality then we would never doubt Him.

Our apathy when it comes to church attendance, focus in church, personal prayer, personal Bible study, and fellowship has left us foolish.

That seems maybe a bit harsh but it is true in so many ways. If you dont know someone, how can you obey them or follow them? You can’t.

In order to truly follow God we have to commit. Commit to loving him and following him. And then we have to put that into action. Through true and focused study of the scriptures and learning how to apply it to our own lives.

In conclusion, God has such bigger plans for us. We need to get over ourselves and run to his arms. There is so much peace when we are resting fully in Him.


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