Its funny how ink and paper can make the underlying issues of a society seem as black and white as the page they are on.

The concept was the question of whether or not the American dream is all that it is positioned to seem. It is often blown into a beautiful mess of glamour when in reality it is the mischievous murderer of families and all that holds true meaning. In choosing to adopt the “American Dream”, most people do not count the cost.

The American Dream has led people to abandon thier families and anything truly good in order to chase the dream of fortune. Fortune in the end does not bring true happiness.

Americans, unlike some other cultures, are extremely self-focused. We do not do what is best for others, for the group, or for the society. We focus on ourselves and we become more and more obsorbed with our own lives and what will make us happy and fulfilled.

Whats important is not getting richer, popular, famous and ever happier. It is to focus on those around you and to love them as Christ loved us. The truth is that the more we chase this “Happiness and fulfillment” the more lost we will feel. You will never feel fulfilled by anything in this world.

As we head into this Christmas season, I want to challenge you to focus on Jesus. He loved us so much and it just leaves me in absolute awe. He left on a mission from heaven when he came to earth. He came to save us from our selves. He loved us enough to put on humanity, endure the scorn of others, live a perfect life, resist the devil, AND THEN die for us on a cross. He truly is the king of kings and Lord of Lords.


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