the wait for the one (4 great books!)

We all have that longing within us and the hope that we will find the right one. We try to trust God with the future but we get antsy, we start to flirt or becoming close to people we know arn’t in Gods plan for us. 

Waiting isn’t easy, it takes a great deal of patience.

The truth is if God wants something to happen, it will happen. You don’t have to flirt or flounce. You don’t have to push for anything.

There is a passage in Acts that talks about a situation and how if it is of God, there is nothing here on earth that could ever stop it. Yet if it is of the world, it will surely fail.

God is asking for you to trust him and it is all about how we answer that simple yet question. Sometimes spiritual growth is less about learning and more about remembering. Remembering Gods promises and past, present, and future love.

God’s timing is perfect. Now if we could only trust that and lean into Gods arms instead of running away and trusting ourselves.

Sometimes it just takes being completely and utterly lonely, just so God can prove himself to you and show you what true love really is.

When trust in God becomes real to you, it doesn’t matter the storm or the battle, God’s peace will meet you there.

The real question is who are you chasing, God or a relationship.

Here are some awesome books that have really encouraged me and helped me with my walk with the Lord:

  1. The chase- ( On amazon for $8.45) written by Kyle and Kelsey Kupecky. Such an awesome book!
  2. Passion and Purity- (On amazon for $9.59) This is my all time favorite. It is written by Elizabeth Elliot, a woman who is known for loving people as Christ loved us. She has passed on and is with the Lord and we know that she ended her race well. She was such an amazing woman of God, her and her husband heroes of the faith.
  3. I kissed dating goodbye- ( on amazon for $9.93There has been some controversy on this book recentlly but I think there are so many God given words in this book and it is definately worth the read! Joshua Harris is an amazing writer, as are his brothers, who wrote “Do Hard Things”.
  4. Before I met prince charming: a guide to radiant purity- ( on amazon for $10.09) This book is really good and is good for younger readers as well. It is beautifuly writtin by Sarah Mally.


Love you all! Have a beautiful day ❤


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