A Worship Set (WSPT4)

Here is my worship set that I put together specifically for tonight for a young adults get together at my church 🙂 I hope that it inspires! This is raw and unedited.

Opening song: My Lighthouse

Opening Prayer: 

  • Holy Spirit come
  • soften hearts/ make us vulnerable
  • Help us to be lights in the lives of others
  • May we praise you for who you are God

Proverbs 8:35, “For whoever finds me finds life and receives favor from the Lord.”

Our life will never feel fulfilled and we wont feel content until we fall before our God.

Song: Blessed be your name

God is still God, eben when we go through these hardships. He is still faithful. He has not fallen off of his throne!

Song: King of my Heart

Who do you turn to when trouble hits? Who is your ‘go to’ ? If its not God that is something to do some self evaluation about. Seek God.

We are going to end on the song, Set a Fire, please take the time to close your eyes and pray this. Be vulnerable before God.

Song: Set a Fire

Closing Prayer: 

  • A fire in our hearts be set. A fire to live our lives for God and to tell others about him. People who are running straight for hell.
  • Instead of seeing the problems in others that we would be the change we wish to see
  • may we turn to God in the midst of whatever we are currently going through.
  • May we remember that the world puts on a pretty good mask but it is just that, a mask. God along can bring peace, joy, and comfort to our lives. Turn to him.


Well, that is the set! It is simple but I am so excited to do it tonight. I hope this was helpful and maybe gave you new ideas or just inspiration to create your own ideas! Love you all so much, have a beautiful day! ❤ xoxo


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