What is Your Why?

what is your why?

Studies have been conducted and interviews have been performed. The most sucessful people in the world have a “why” for what they are doing. It is the passion and reason for their work here on earth.

My “why” is that we are all too comfortable. I am deeply disturbed by the apathy, unimagination and lack fervor that we have for God and therefore for people. I am convinced that we need to be living uncomfortably for the sake of the gospel.

We do not care well for others. As Christians we should be drastically different and more often than not, I just don’t see it.

I am passionate about that. That is what drives me.

And from that passion flows the way I leave my life and the way I talk to people. The blog and articles that I write. The book that I am working on 😉 And everything else that I currently do or will do in the future.

As a Christian, the Holy Spirit has convicted me of my passion and God has allowed me to speak into others lives in this way. This is what my life was created for.

So, back to you. What is YOUR why?

Maybe God hasn’t convicted you of that yet. Maybe he has and you havnt acted on it yet. Maybe He has and you have acted on it, but you needed to be reminded. Either way.

Figure out your why and begin to live passionately for Jesus Christ. Nothing else will satisfy you more. Of that I can be sure.

Have a beautiful day xoxo ❤


8 thoughts on “What is Your Why?

  1. graceabounds00

    I love this! May I ask, do you have any tips to encourage people to get out of their comfortable life and truly surrender to Jesus? It’s a hard thing for me to figure out since a lot of people just think they are already Christians (and maybe they are, but they aren’t living out their potential in Christ).


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