hello. its me.

I love crayons.

I think they show that creativity among children still exists, despite the technology we have made.

I love playing dress up.

Escaping reality is always enjoyable.

I love Chinese food like nobody’s business.

It makes me feel as though I have travelled far away.

I love using chopsticks.

This is me. I am weird. Very weird. I love to laugh.

I use my laugh as a mask sometimes.

To hide the tears that would easily drip down my face.

I get salty, spicy, or completely dull depending on the company present.

I love plants.

I admire the sweet smell of soil. I love to work the soil with my bare hands, manipulating it to my every wish.

But more than anything, I love to serve my God. Wherever he leads I am ready. I want to sacrifice anything in order to follow.

As hard as it gets, I am ready.





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