Persecution Over Comfort

How can people have such grace, as to purposely choose persecution over comfort? When you look at many Christian historical figures, you see that they were people just like you and me, whom God extended great grace too.

If we truly desire for God to use us, we must be ready for whatever God may lead us into. That may include persecution or it may not. God’s story for you is unique and beautiful. We must remember something very vital when choosing to follow Christ: you are not guaranteed an easy life. When you begin following Jesus, you must be mentally prepared for anything.

Corrie Ten Boom, as a young child, told her father that she was scared of being persecuted or losing people that are close to her. She was scared to be persecuted on Christ’s account. But her father, in his wisdom, asked her a question. He asked her when they get on the train, when does he hand her her ticket. And she replied that he gave her her ticket right before they got on the train.

He was making the point that we shouldn’t worry about tomorrow before it is here. There is no point. And God will give you the grace that you need to handle a situation, when the situation arises, not before.

God is so good to us and following him is so amazing. Our relationship with him is so much greater than anything this world could grant.

What I think is amazing, is that God can give people such strength, as to go through torture on His behalf and it is worth it!

We can even now, look back and see all that God has done and how amazing that is. We can have joy and rest in peace as God allows us to be a part of His beautiful story.

Have a beautiful day xoxo ❤



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