// An Uncomfortable Season //

I am finally to that place again.

The place where I am frightened, nervous, anxious, and far outside my comfort zone.
And it came completely out of the blue. I didn’t expect to be so uncomfortable at a Bible College, where I have longed to be for so long. 

But I choose peace. Because I serve the prince of peace.

When I walk down the hallways I feel like shriveling up inside myself. When I am in line for food I want to run and eat somewhere alone. In my dorm, I want to stay on my bed all day.

But I denied my flesh.

That required some tears, some pep talks, and a whole lot of tea.

I said Hello to people and smiled. I picked a table full of people and made myself talk. I went out and played a game and worshipped with some classmates.

And God used all of those things to encourage me and work through me.

Every moment was me releasing my grip on things and handing it over to God. And with that comes freedom. So that is my update on life for now.

Hope you are having a beautiful day ❤ xoxo


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