Enjoying this Season of Singleness

“Singleness wasn’t a season to trudge through but a time of opportunity to glorify God in unique and productive ways” – Kristin Clark (Love Defined: Embracing God’s Vision for Lasting Love and Satisfying Relationships)

Im sitting in a coffee shop typing and longing for God to use my words to encourage someone. My fiancé met me here this morning and we spent time in prayer, doing our separate Bible studies and then talking about them. He left to help a friend and I decided to stay and write some.

My heart started pondering how blessed I am and how God brought this man into my life. My mind quickly wandered back to all of my single years through high school and my first semester of college. I felt hopeless and like I was constantly searching for a man that could fulfill me. Little did I know how wrong I was.

I had a long list of requirements (a godly man, a prayer warrior, someone who strived for purity, etc), I prayed for my future husband, and I was waiting (although not very patiently). I thought I was doing things the right way, and I was to a degree. My heart was more focused on finding someone than living the life that God had given me.

Here are some things that I wish someone had told me when I was single: 

  1. God is so faithful. We can look through the scriptures and see this again and again. But you can also look through your life and see this! I look back and I just don’t understand how I didn’t trust God with this ( now I don’t trust Him with other things . . . yikes). But my point here is that, God is in control. Rest in Him. Maybe make a list of some of the ways He has been faithful to you in the past and put it somewhere visible for yourself.
  2. God is in complete and utter control. You can either choose to have no control and be anxious and depressed, or have no control and trust The Lord, the creator of the universe. I know it is way easier said then done, I am definitely not making light of this. But this is truth.
  3. Be intentional with this time. This is the only life  you have. Glorify the Lord and strive to honor him in every relationship and in every choice. Do not sit around waiting for the perfect man who doesn’t exist to come striving into your cafe and say “Im the barista of your dreams, marry me!”. Serve the Lord where He has you and keep making the next right choice for you.
  4. Do not walk around constantly on the prowl for the guy that could be “yours”. Yes, God could bring anyone into your life. But this constant “eyes wide open” approach often leaves us even more dissatisfied and with deeper longing for something will not fulfill us. Only God can fulfill your longing heart.

Strive to become the person that the one you are looking for is looking for.

If you want a man who strives for purity, you should be striving for purity! The same goes for anything you have on your list.

God desperately wants to refine you and mold you into His image. Allow Him to do so in this season of singleness. 

Love you all and hope you have a beautiful day ❤


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